In today’s fast paced and ever-changing supply chain, distributors are being asked to continually improve. DPS provides our clients with the experience and knowledge to make the very best distribution operations decisions.

Utilizing Pick-Modules in Distribution Operations

When applied correctly, pick-modules deliver significant benefits, including improved customer service and reduced operating costs.

Overview of Material Handling System Permitting

Understanding the permitting requirements for a material handling system (MHS) is critical to the success of a project.

Order Picking Methodologies Overview

Utilizing the right order picking methodology is one of the most important things a distributor can do to achieve operational excellence.

Vallen: Case Study for DC Retrofit

As part of a strategy involving a regional distribution center (DC) based network model, Vallen consolidated multiple distribution centers into their flagship operation in Belmont, North Carolina.

3PL Direct to Consumer Fulfillment

As one of the fastest growing market segments, direct-to-consumer and e-commerce present many unique challenges. Learn concepts and solutions that can drive dramatic results for a 3PL provider.

Virtual Improvement Projects (VIP)

Virtual Improvements Project was created to help our clients develop a path to improve their distribution operation. Our proven approach will deliver a detailed solution plan to our clients across multiple industries.

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