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Strategy and tactics are two mindsets, bridged by information and planning. Our assessment process, The DCPerform Way, enables a collaborative environment grounded in facts (data), workflow analysis (observations) and imagineering. Together we will take on the art of the possible.


The end result? A logistics operations solution that meets the strategic business requirements justifying the investment, and a design/implementation plan that enables operations to meet the end customer demands. With success comes brand loyalty and a growing customer base.


It’s why we think of ourselves as a B2B2C company. We work with businesses like you, but always with your own customer’s experience at the center of everything we do. Because, after all, that’s what earns you customer loyalty and, in turn, customer value.

From initial strategic ideation to tactical installation, implementation, integration and ongoing innovation, DCPerform knows how to increase performance at every stage of your logistics operations platform.





Brand loyalty and gaining market share is a chess match. How do we modify our supply chain and logistics operations to achieve our desired results? How does a transformation initiative achieve those goals to improve our end customer experience? The DCPerform Way is our assessment methodology enabling you to see the board before you make your moves. Checkmate!

Implementation Integration

Implementation & Integration

Transforming an operation is more than building and integrating a design. The true measure of success is workforce adoption and the best practices being executed to deliver the results to the customer. The DCPerform Way identifies this early in the assessment process and ensures this thread extends through the entire solution delivery process.

Mateerial Handling Systems

Material Handling Systems

Volume, throughput, visibility and lower operating costs. Check. Improve customer experience. Double check. We always have your end customer in mind, making our approach to material handling systems resilient to the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.



Few things in life are “one and done.” The same is true for our work with you. Whether it’s ongoing systems maintenance or continuous supply chain optimization, we support you long-term. Our customer goals are the same you have with yours … brand loyalty and raving fans who come back for more!

Operations Design

Operations Design

Great design is an integration of operations workflows and technical innovation. By optimizing the use of labor and automation we  enable the desired end customer experience. It’s about innovation. It is the output of The DCPerform Way – our assessment process.

We’re experts in operations design, but what makes us different? We apply best practices where it makes sense, then innovate unique to your customer requirements. Through a creative  design process, we enable a better experience for your customers.


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