At DCPerform, we offer complete distribution operations and systems solutions, including supply chain and distribution strategy, total operations design, turnkey material handling systems, systems implementation and integration, and long-term support.

We Deliver:
Increased productivity

Our clients are responsible for optimizing costs for their company. As a trusted partner, we share this goal. Increasing productivity is a means of decreasing operating costs, and at DCperform, we focus heavily on helping our clients find the best ways to drive efficiencies throughout the distribution operation. The DCperform team brings deep expertise in increasing productivity through improvements in people, processes, and systems to best meet our clients’ business goals.

We Deliver:
Increased accuracy and quality

Order quality is paramount in meeting today’s expectations. At DCPerform, we develop improvements to achieve increases in order and line accuracy to best meet our customers’ expectations and provide you with a competitive advantage. Whether delivering directly to customers, to a retail store, distribution center, internal customer or other, DCPerform’s experts know how to best meet your needs for order quality.

We Deliver:
Increased throughput capacity

Growing companies must increase their ability to fulfill greater numbers of orders—and often new and varying order types. Understanding how to maximize a distribution operations’ throughput capacity, DCPerform works with clients to reduce order cycle times and increase units and lines received, put-away, picked, packed, and shipped.

We Deliver:
Increased storage capacity

Our clients are often in need of increasing storage capacity to meet business growth. Whether it is getting greater capacity in an existing operation or planning/designing for new facilities, DCPerform determines the best means and methods to increase storage capacity and throughput. We employ a data-driven approach, analyzing cubic velocities, SKU affinity, and others to determine the best storage improvements for our clients and balance the cost of capital with the operating cost trade-offs (e.g., days-on-hand in forward).

We Deliver:
Omni-channel fulfillment

Omni-channel is based on providing consumers with a seamless shopping experience by better leveraging both stores and the e-commerce channels. Leading retailers are leveraging omni-channel strategies to gain a competitive advantage. We understand how to evaluate the trade-offs and pitfalls of fulfilling orders from both stores and distribution centers as well as the impact and nuances of shared inventory, systems, and assets. Our team offers direct expertise in developing and implementing omni-channel solutions for our clients.

We Deliver:
E-commerce fulfillment

Leading retailers and distributors are diligent in their focus on e-commerce as a growing part of their business. With brick-and-mortar distribution being very different from e-commerce, DCPerform brings extensive experience on how to best design, implement, and operate e-commerce order fulfillment within your distribution operations. From reducing order cycle times to widening ordering windows to most efficiently operating very different processes (which may be occurring simultaneously), DCPerform partners with our clients to best develop, implement, and operate e-commerce operations.

We Deliver:
Consolidated operations

Mergers and acquisitions can result in the need to consolidate redundant distribution operations. Efficiently and effectively melding inventory and operations, like and unlike, is a challenge the DCPerform team takes on for our clients. We also support our clients by determining the most appropriate distribution network-balancing inventory, customer service, transportation, and other variables to meet the combined business needs.

We Deliver:
Process improvements

Improving distribution operations doesn’t always require investment, and the DCPerform team provides expertise in developing process improvements and helping our clients implement them. Traditional process improvements include the areas of order management, order picking, receiving and put-away, packing and shipping, slotting, and data communications. Process improvement is also a key part of nearly every operational change, including material handling system implementation, and DCPerform focuses heavily on ensuring that processes best meet and match these changes.


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