Working with clients in a broad range of industries and applications, Distribution Performance Solutions brings specific expertise and experience to your project.


Today’s retail market is more competitive than ever, and retailers must realize every ounce of productivity, cost-reduction, and customer service from their distribution operations to gain advantage. In addition, e-commerce business and omni-channel fulfillment present challenges and opportunities that retailers must address. DPS brings deep and broad retail supply chain experience and expertise that best supports our clients’ ability to build a sustainable competitive advantage through distribution performance improvements.


E-commerce has changed the world of distribution. E-commerce supply chain, distribution, and order fulfillment are unique and materially different from brick-and-mortar distribution. DPS supports our clients in making the transition to becoming and continuing as a best-in-class e-tailer through distribution performance. From strategy through order fulfillment processes and systems, DPS designs and implements e-commerce solutions that produce industry-best results.


To ensure a competitive edge, every distributor must at least consider the potential advantages and disadvantages of omni-channel order fulfillment, shipping from stores/branches and distribution centers to provide the best customer service and experience. Evaluating all of the ramifications, pitfalls, benefits, etc. that can occur and be realized that, although omni-channel distribution is not an easy task, DPS supports our partners in identifying, understanding, and analyzing each, as well as developing and designing successful omni-channel fulfillment solutions.


Parts distribution is unique, whether for internal clients (e.g., factory floor) or for a centralized parts center shipping nationally and globally. Parts distribution typically requires storing and picking from a large SKU base with relatively quick order cycle time requirements (e.g., to open same-day shipping windows). DPS brings extensive parts distribution experience and expertise to our clients, providing for optimized costs and customer service operations.


The automotive supply chain and distribution environment is unique and varies greatly within the overall automotive market, including automotive parts wholesale and retail. DPS offers deep automotive supply chain and distribution operations expertise, and we understand the importance of things such as order management, order-cycle times, route planning, storing and handling small and large parts, and more.


3PL supply chain and distribution operations vary greatly by market type and niche; however, optimizing costs and customer service to gain competitive edge is the mission for all. DPS understands that 3PLs work within unique parameters, such as shorter-term contracts, transaction based pricing, cost-plus pricing, varying SKUs, and varying order characteristics, and we brings deep expertise to help our 3PL clients win and keep business and optimize costs and profit through distribution performance improvements.

Sporting Goods

The sporting goods market is evolving with the advent of e-commerce, market consolidation, trends, seasonality, etc., and companies must continuously improve and implement change to survive and grow. DPS brings deep knowledge and expertise in sporting goods retail and wholesale, and we partner with you to implement supply chain and distribution operations improvements to meet business goals in the changing market. Our systems and solutions drive bottom-line profitability for our sporting goods clients.

Apparel and Footwear

The apparel and footwear market must deal with a large numbers of SKUs due to product size, color, and style. In addition, distributors are faced with varying trends, seasonal considerations, and promotions that must be efficiently and effectively handled and that complicate distribution and order fulfillment. DPS offers extensive apparel and footwear supply chain and distribution experience to our clients. We develop, design, and implement best-in-class operations that result in a competitive advantage.


Electronics supply chain and distribution has unique challenges, from high SKU counts to delicate product to tight inventory control to utilizing distribution to gain a competitive advantage (e.g., best order cycle times, lowest distribution cost, greatest line/order accuracy and fill rate, etc.). DPS brings extensive electronics supply chain and distribution experience to our clients, resulting in best-in-class operations to gain a competitive edge.

Pharma/Life Science

The pharma/life science market is broad, and whether shipping to healthcare clients, retailers, or direct to consumers, the unique need to store and fulfill orders for small, high-value products is shared, as is meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Also, accuracy is paramount. DPS brings extensive supply chain and distribution knowledge to our pharma/life science clients in designing distribution operations and providing systems solutions, including those around pick/pack operations, kitting, assembly, bagging, and other order-fulfillment operations.

Food and Beverage

From growers, producers, and manufacturers to wholesale distribution and grocery stores, to foodservice and more, DPS offers extensive food and beverage supply chain and distribution expertise to our clients. Each market type within this general industry brings different distribution challenges, from tight FIFO requirements to order/wave management for best route planning to SKU proliferation caused by new trends to the growing e-commerce presence in this market. Our knowledge and expertise result in distribution operations that drive competitive advantage for our clients.

Health and Beauty

DPS realizes the complex nature of health and beauty distribution. Whether shipping directly to consumers or to retail, quality and accuracy are paramount. In addition, inventory control, slotting, SKU affinity, special labeling, special packing, varying sales channels, varying order characteristics, trends, promotions, and other more specific requirements present distribution challenges that must be met. DPS works with our health and beauty clients to design and implement distribution solutions that optimize client demands and costs to drive bottom-line growth and profitability.

Consumer Product Goods

The CPG supply chain and distribution world is evolving and changing, and warehouse and distribution performance is more important than ever. Driven by changing client expectations and demands and growing internet retailers, CPG distribution has evolved to much more than pallet-in and pallet-out only. Value-added services are increasingly more important, such as labeling, bundling, and assembling. Compliance is critical to avoid costly charge-backs, as is ASN/EDI integration. Changing order requirements, oftentimes resembling a retailer, is also shifting how distribution centers must operation to be competitive. DPS understands these challenges and partners with our clients to implement best-in-class CPG distribution operations, systems, and solutions.


Industrial distribution includes MRO companies, industrial products and equipment suppliers, and safety products. Distribution challenges include the handling of a broad range of products, including size, weight, and type, as well as varying order characteristics. E-commerce has found its way to industrial distribution and is changing clients’ expectations and the way distributors must meet them. DPS has extensive industrial distribution experience and expertise in optimizing our clients’ operations, including operations and systems design, provision, implementation, and support.


Manufacturers face their own unique product-distribution challenges, from the storage and handling of parts, work-in-process (WIP), and finished goods. Many of today’s leading manufacturers are implementing systems and solutions more common to distribution warehouses for certain applications, including JIT delivery of parts to production and kitting. Technologies such as automated guided vehicles and goods-to-person systems have made their way to the production floor and have been proven to reduce costs and optimize operations. DPS provides deep expertise helping our manufacturing clients improve material storage, handling, and flow.

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