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A successful supply chain and logistics strategy starts and ends with the customer. Join DCPerform as we explore the journey of delivering products to the customer and what it takes to create that "WOW" moment when a customer's order arrives. Tune in to the monthly supply chain podcasts for discussions with C-Level executives, software providers, warehouse workers, along with the end consumer.

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Latest Episodes

Innovating for Excellence: How Top Golf Callaway Brands Keeps Ahead & Delivers Superior Customer Experience

In honor of the US Open Golf Tournament, we’re thrilled to release the latest episode of the DCPerform Podcast! On this episode, we had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Caitlyn Perkins, Operations Manager at Top Golf Callaway Brands’ North American Distribution Center. ⛳️🏌️‍♀️ In this exciting episode, Caitlyn shares how their technical operations…
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Future-Fitting your warehouse for the future worker

Future-Fitting your Warehouse for the Future Worker (Feat. Alex Ramirez, CEO & Co-founder of CognitOps)

In this episode, your hosts, Rachael Weber and Wonil Gregg, sit down with the CognitOps CEO & Co-Founder, Alex Ramirez. Get ready to explore strategies for preparing your facilities for the future workforce. Learn about the shifting labor pool, its global supply chain impact, and the proactive approaches essential for businesses & operations managers. Are…
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Supply Chain Automation: Debunking the myths & misconceptions (Ft. Steve Simmerman, Locus Robotics)

In this episode, your hosts, Rachael Weber and Wonil Gregg, sit down with the Head of Global Alliances at Locus Robotics, Steve Simmerman, to demystify the common misconceptions surrounding supply chain automation. Are you resistant to incorporating supply chain automation to support your supply chain? We cut through the noise to uncover the real reasons…
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The DCPerform Podcast: The Franchisee “Supply Chain Domino Effect”: hidden complexities in sourcing, forecasting order demand, and staffing under corporate franchise

In this episode, we sat down with Andy Degraff, the franchisee owner of the Gilbert, Arizona location of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. Jeremiah’s is a Florida-based frozen dessert shop with over 200 locations nationwide. We’ll dive into how their rapid expansion and franchising across the U.S. have impacted their supply chain and explore the strategic decisions…
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The DCPerform Podcast: 1 Year of the DCPerform Podcast: A Year in Review

1 full year of the DCPerform Podcast! Tune in for episode number 12 for a year review of the DCP Podcast, how themes/industry trends have evolved, and what the future holds for Supply Chain. Thanks for listening to the DCPerform Podcast!
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The DCPerform Podcast: Building a 5-Star CX: how luxury hotel brands create a premier guest experience from check-in to check-out

Ever wonder how premier hotels create a world class experience for hotel guests? Caesars Republic Scottsdale is opening Feb. 2024 – the brand’s first non-gaming, lifestyle-hotel concept. On Eps. 11 of the DCPerform Podcast, we sat down with Caesars Republic Scottsdale’s General Manager, Joe Iturri, to explore how this luxury hotel brand is creating a one-of-a-kind experience…
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The DCPerform Podcast: Beating the House: Bet on Transformation

EPISODE 10: 6 sessions, 8 industry innovators, 1 transformational journey… Beating the House: Bet on Transformation! DCPerform, joined by partners Waller & Associates, LLC, and OPEX Corporation hosted a 2-day Masterclass at the Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo USA in May 2023. Tune into episode 10 of the DCPerform Podcast for highlights of each session and explore the journey…
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The DCPerform Podcast: Sustainability: Enabling success in capital investment, brand loyalty & environmental impact

EPISODE 9: Happy #EarthMonth! In honor of April serving as an annual environmental awareness month, we’ve dedicated this month’s episode to Sustainability. Sustainability SME & Program Manager of ASU’s Zero Waste Program, Kendon Jung, joined hosts Wonil Gregg & Rachael Weber to discuss the impact that corporate sustainability initiatives have on brand loyalty, capital investment, and…
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The Last Mile: It’s More than a Sprint!

EPISODE 8: Gina Anderson, Geodis’ VP of Solutions & Growth, joins the DCPerform Podcast to define the last mile, its evolution of services, and the ultimate value proposition to the end consumer/provider. From DCPerform, hosts Rachael Weber, Brand Strategist, & Wonil Gregg, VP of Customer Engagement and Experience, explore the current technologies enabling Last Mile…
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