Welcome Chris Troupos to the DCPerform Team! 

We’re thrilled to introduce Chris Troupos, our new DCPerform Design Engineer. With a rich background in mechanical engineering and a passion for cutting-edge technology, Chris is here to help us deliver the most innovative warehouse solutions to our customers. 

Chris grew up in Chicago, earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cedarville University in Ohio, and now resides in Wheaton, IL. From the start of his career, Chris has been immersed in the material handling and conveyor industry. As an expert in engineering, Chris is dedicated to bringing pioneering technologies to our customers, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.  

He has designed solutions for various sectors such as retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, food & beverage, and medical applications. Chris’ most notable projects include the Amazon CGN1 warehouse in Germany, the baggage handling system at Denver International Airport, and projects with esteemed brands like Tommy Bahama (Auburn, WA), Gap Clothing Brands (Brampton, ON), TJX (Bridgewater, VA), and Smith & Wesson World Headquarters (Maryville, TN). 

As an expert-level designer and value engineer of MHS conveyor, Chris is most passionate about designing and engineering conveyor layouts and loves solving complex logistics challenges using cutting-edge technologies. Chris has expertise in designing & integrating everything from simple gravity beds to complex systems like a 600’ long shoe sorter with two miles of conveyor, alongside AMRs, Pop-Pick, and Goods-To-Person solutions. 

Outside of work, Chris enjoys live music, sporting events, and adventure, having summited Pike’s Peak, Humphry’s Peak, and Aasgard’s Pass. He holds an EIT certification and a patent for a Belt Retention Bracket. His favorite automated solution is a “DCPerform Integrated Solution” (we love him already!), leveraging the latest and existing technologies for optimal ROI. 

We are confident that Chris’s expertise and passion will greatly benefit our customers, helping them find the perfect solutions for their unique challenges. Welcome to the team, Chris! We look forward to the innovative contributions you’ll bring to DCPerform. 

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