Introducing Our New Customer Engagement Director, Mike Cadero

Introducing our new Customer Engagement Director, Mike Cadero. Mike is a seasoned leader renowned for optimizing operations and enhancing customer experiences. With a wealth of experience across continents and industries, Mike specializes in operational transformation, driving growth and efficiency across intricate systems. 

Having served as an Executive Director in the 3PL sector, Mike spearheaded enterprise-wide improvements, expanded capacities, and implemented cutting-edge technologies, resulting in impressive revenue growth and substantial profit enhancements. Known for his ability to “get things done,” Mike excels in both strategy and execution, delivering tangible results aligned with business objectives. 

Mike’s superpowers include startups, automation, continuous improvement, and client satisfaction, all with a hands-on team approach. At DCPerform, he’s set on optimizing operations and ensuring top-notch customer satisfaction. 

Outside of work, Mike’s passions include collecting art and baseball memorabilia, and he’s a big fan of baseball, hiking, canoeing, and mountain biking. He loves traveling, road trips, exploring the country, and spending time with his grandson. Mike brings this same energy and enthusiasm to everything he does! 

Mike’s journey in enhancing customer experiences spans diverse sectors: 

SC Johnson Co: As a key player in the household industry, Mike navigated markets in France, Italy, England, Netherlands, and Germany, ensuring seamless distribution and customer satisfaction. 

Plantronics: Mike led initiatives in the telecommunications sector, optimizing phone earpiece and headphones distribution across the US, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada, enhancing accessibility and product engagement. 

GoPro: In the realm of action cameras, Mike orchestrated market strategies in the US, Netherlands, and Czech Republic, contributing to the brand’s global reach and market dominance. 

Agility: Mike’s expertise extended to the realm of government consultancy, collaborating with KPMG Kuwait as a 3PL provider, delivering innovative logistics solutions and operational efficiencies to government entities. 

For those who know Mike, he looks forward to re-engaging and sharing expanded capabilities adding value to long lasting partnerships.  For those that will meet him in the future, let’s just say, you too will “Like Mike!” 

Coming soon to Distribution Centers near you – We welcome Mike Cadero to the team of DCPerformers!  

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