Distribution Performance Solutions provides the expertise to help our clients make the very best distribution operations decisions. We provide turnkey design and engineering, systems provision, implementation, integration and support.

Supply chain strategy drives competitive advantage, and today’s supply chains are more complex than ever. Companies today face a multitude of supply chain challenges, including rapidly changing customer requirements, reducing cycle times and improving order-to-delivery speed, enhancing capabilities to provide better service, maximizing inventory efficiency, and/or reducing operating costs throughout the supply chain. DPS brings deep expertise as a supply chain strategy partner to our clients, including network, inventory, and distribution strategy development and design services.

We begin every operations design project by understanding your business goals and establishing key metrics that must be met to achieve these goals. We employ a proven data-driven design approach, DC Perform, that analyzes:

  • Inventory and SKUs
  • Order Characteristics
  • People and Processes
  • Customer Service
  • Quality and Accuracy
  • Facility, Space, and Flow
  • Business Variables
  • Technology and Systems


This approach provides for the most balanced solution that delivers measurable results to achieve your business goals and expected financial return. This approach ensures solutions that are:


  • Practical
  • Adaptable
  • Efficient
  • Creative
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Integrated to work within existing or new operations

The best material handling solutions stand up to today’s complex supply chain needs by optimizing operations and:


  • Lowering operating costs
  • Increasing storage capacity
  • Improving productivity, cycle times, and throughput capacity
  • Providing greater levels of quality, accuracy, and customer service


Our application and design engineers bring broad skillsets and hundreds of years of experience in designing successful material handling systems, from storage solutions to conveyor systems to goods-to-person systems and beyond. We bring complete knowledge of the application of the material handling solution, technical expertise, how to implement, and how to integrate with operations.


Another area of specific expertise DPS brings centers is around systems controls, including WCS/WES and integration with existing systems (e.g. WMS). With no one-size-fits-all applications, DPS applies our deep knowledge of the trade-offs to ensure we provide the right and best controls and software for our systems.


Our material handling systems and solutions range from simple to sophisticated, with no need too large or too small, and we seek to be your partner for the long-term.

The success of any material handling solution is dependent on implementation and integration excellence. DPS has developed a project-management approach that delivers seamless solution implementations, on time, with minimized disruption and complete communication. Our approach has been developed based on many years of tried-and-tested material handling solution implementations. It has been refined by the many challenges we have confronted and now proactively anticipate before they occur.


We assign a project manager during the solutions development phase so they are able to fully understand your business culture and project goals. We believe that continuous, streamlined, and proactive communication throughout the project is what works best to meet your needs. From solutions development to installation, from permitting to final client approval, our project managers are meticulously detailed throughout the project.


One significant core competency of our project managers is their knowledge of code and ordinance requirements, including those for local permitting across the nation. Our project managers begin this work at the onset of needs analysis and solutions development so that our designs and recommendations fully meet all requirements at the outset.

Our partnership with our clients does not end after a project has been completed. Our clients’ businesses evolve and their changes are ongoing and continuous. DPS is there to provide support throughout, with no need too small or insignificant. Our support ranges from systems maintenance to ongoing improvements and business case validation. Our support team is national and available at a moment’s notice.


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