Our DC Perform approach is business case supported, data driven, metrics based, and operations focused.

Business Case Supported

The root of every project is in the business case for our client, including the specific expectations for improving their business and the financial return. This business case directs every move we make, from data analysis, alternatives review, and design considerations all the way through implementation and support. This is where we start; this is the topic of our initial questions and review of business questions to be answered. We move forward when there is a clear and mutually understood business case. In almost all cases, we find that the discussions around business case often re-shape the nature of our projects, greatly benefiting our clients.

Data Driven

A lot of “cookie-cutter” solutions are implemented in our industry without the benefit of utilizing client data to drive the design, often producing less than optimal results. Sometimes, these results are obvious at the start of a new system, where expectations fall short, whether it is lesser than expected productivity rates and throughput capacities or unrealized savings. Sometimes, the missed expectations come about when variables or exceptions aren’t considered and stress the new solution. Our team offers deep expertise in understanding what data to analyze and how to use this information to drive the best results. When data isn’t readily available, we work with you to develop information in the best way possible to drive the solutions. No project, whether large or small, is developed without data analysis.

Metrics Based

Our clients are measured by specific metrics that reflect their performance and effect on their business. We learn and understand these metrics and utilize them as the basis for our solutions. From financial metrics, such as “distribution costs as a percentage of revenue” and “cost per line,” to productivity measures such as “units/lines picked per hour” and “order cycle time,” to quality such as “order and line accuracy” and “fill rate,” your metrics are the basis for our solutions and what we measure after they are implemented to ensure success has been achieved.

Operations Focused

At DPS, we develop robust, detailed operational plans for every solution, including specific processes, job functions, technology, and task descriptions. The DPS team includes individuals who have run operations in their career and who understand how operations interact with systems. This depth of experience leads to operationally sound solutions that achieve results.

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